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Dear friends,

Beware of a new fraud tactic. This just unbelievably happened to me yesterday (June 3rd 2009). It made me went on a round of frenzies to lodge report at a police station, cancelling all my credit cards and changing all my savings/current accounts.

At around 1pm yesterday, I received a call from an Ambank number which went into an automated machine informing me that I was about to make a payment amounting to RM3,800.60 and to press 1 to confirm the transaction or press 9 to speak to Customer Service. Caught by surprise of such a call, I pressed 9 to speak to their Customer Service. A guy by the name of Brandon answered and questioned me whether I am about to make a RM3,800.60 payment which I said no. He later asked whether I am now at KLIA. I straight away told him no and that I am now at Kulim, Kedah. This Brandon guy then said that this looks like a scam and he will immediately stop the RM3,800.60 transaction.

He further asked me whether I had recently applied for any credit card which I said no. He informs me that there was an application for an Ambank Mastercard under my name dated April 2nd 2009 with a credit limit of RM10k and to date, the card has been used up to about RM5,600++. He further advised me to immediately lodge a report with Bank Negara’s Pusat Pengurusan Kad Kredit Palsu. I do not have the number and he offered to connect me to Bank Negara where I spoke to another guy named Charlie.

The call sounded really authentic and this Charlie guy pretended not knowing anything and had me told him the story of what happened from A to Z. Once I finished with my story, this Charlie guy asked me whether do I suspect any close family members or friends misusing my personal data for this purpose. He says it could be possible and it is very important that I do not reveal a single thing to anybody until 6th June 2009 (3 days) in order for the investigation to take place. He asked me to provide him all of my banking and credit card details so that he can monitor and track any unusual activity. I was also advised not to make any banking or credit card transaction during these 3 days so that proper investigation can be carried out and the unlawful person can be intercepted should he/she use the card or make any banking move.

I called my wife after all this ordeal informing her of what had happened. She was highly skeptical and told me that things doesn’t sound right as the so called Bank Negara would not have asked for all banking details including savings/current accounts if this was just a fraud card case. She advised me to make another call to Ambank to check on more details of the so called Ambank Mastercard applied on April 2nd, including to where was the credit card sent to?
I called Ambank immediately, looking for the Mr. Brandon I spoke to earlier and the Ambank officer told me that there is no Mr. Brandon in the Customer Service Department. I related the whole story of what had taken place an hour earlier and the bank officer advised me to calm down and to relax. She informs me that this is a fraud case and I need to lodge a police report immediately. She also informs me that the Bank Negara telephone number and extension provided to me by the Mr. Charlie is a fake.

I was truly, truly dumbfounded!!! I have read so much about everyday frauds and yet I still fall to this trap. I thought I was smart enough to smell things like this but apparently, this new tactic really feeds on human behavior when they are in a panicky situation. These guys are really so so smooth that you tend to believe they are trying to solve the woes that you are in.
I have been a victim and I hope it ends here. Please pass this on to your loved ones to warn them of such a new tactic and to beware!!!!

Sincerely, Joe (4th June 2009)

Dicatat oleh MOREPH @ MALAI LUWAI Label:


Nyadi ditu kitai kena bisi checklist bakani ka ngaturka serta maintenance kempita kitai.
Checklist 1. Setiap hari.

* Updated ke software kempita kitai ke bisi.
* Updated ke antivirus kempita kitai.
* Scan kempita belama ngena antivirus.

Checklist 2. 2 kali seminggu.
1. Buai cookies enggau cache internet ke dikena kitai ngelama tu. Bakani cara ia?

* Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) -Buka IE, klik ba Tool>Internet Options>General>Delete Cookies ba Temporary Internet Files>OK (Delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files Folder?>OK.
* Mozilla Firefox -Buka Firefox>Tools>Options>Privacy>Cookies>View Cookies>Remove Cookie>OK;Buka Firefox>Tools>Clear Private Data>Tandaka ba pitak sigi ni ka dibuai kitai>Clear Private Data Now.
* Ari kempita kitai -Klik Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Klik Delete ba Browsing History.

Checklist 3. Seminggu sekali.

* Gaga Disk Cleanup. Nama Disk Cleanup tu? Ia tu muai repot penanggul kempita, repot ba folder sementara, utai ba alam tong sampah kitai serta macam utai ke enda beguna meh.
* Gaga Defragment. Nama Defragment tu? Ia tu nyusun semua fail enggau folder nya lalu nyadi teratur ba dalam Hard disk.
* Gaga Registry Cleaning. Nama Registry tu? Registry tu kena bejalaika kempita kitai, baka sigi ni ia patut bejalai nitihka software di install kitai. Kekadang maya kitai uninstall software nya, ba registry bedau agi dibuai ia. Kekadang malware udah ngacau registry kitai mega.

Checklist 4. Sebulan sekali.

* 1. Bersi ka kempitai kitai. Ba dini?
* Lap Monitor abuk ke lekat ba kempita.
* Buai tinggak(abuk ke lekat) ba dalam lubang mouse kitai enti ngena mouse lama. Enti ngena mouse laser lap aja ngena kain ba laser ianya.
* Lap kibut kempita ngena kain, enti balat tinggak ke bisi ba selepak kibut nya, kena buka kitai kibut nya.
* Ke paling penting amai ba dalam PC kitai nya. Cabut magang dulu semua wayar enggau perengka ke bisi ba dalam PC nya. Vakum ngena vakum mit, buai abuk-abuk ke bisi. Paling penting ba Heatsink(besi kena enchelapka processor), buai abuk ba diak laban enti enda dibuai abuk, ia tau ngasuh kempita kitai padam tetiba serta ulih nyai ke Processor.
* Lap abuk ba semua kabel-kabel karan.
* 2. Backup kempita kitai, ngena software ke bisi baka Norton Ghost tauka ngena backup ari kempita kitai empu ba Control Panel diak.

Langkah-langkah pencegahan:

* Anang enda updated kitai empu software belama.
* Anang ngangkat kempita kin kia enggau enda berati-ati, lalu tebeleka labuh. Hard disk la paling sensitif enti terempas, laban ia ngena jarum pemacha ba dalam ia.
* Anang mansut, megai RAM kitai ngena jari enti bedau dibuai cas letrik statik ari tubuh kitai, laban arus letrik statik ari tubuh kitai ulih madam ka program ba RAM nya. Anang semak magnet meh.
* Anang ngeletak Processor(Pentium 4) kitai ba sengapa endur laban ia ulih matah ka kaki emas processor nya. Enti jenis processor ke baru, anang engkah semak Magnet.
* Anang nambit lubang kipas kena muai panas ari kempita, laban enti kempita kitai angat ia ulih nyai ka motherboard serta semua komponen ke sensitif diak.
* Anang nyambung plak karan terus ari dinding laban arus karan tinggi rendah ulih ngasuh kempita kitai jai. Sambung plak dulu ngena Extension Cable Power udah nya ngena Automatic Voltage Regulator lalu ngena Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS).
* Internet Conncetion kena sambung meh ngagai Surge Protector mega, enggaika kena kilat alu terus ngagai kempita kitai.

[copy from SEBANDI'S BLOG....hehehe]

Kat sinilah aku belajar dulu....1986-1990..form 1 sampai form 5....banyak kenangan pahit-manis masa kat sini...kalau ade kwn2 lama terbuka blog ni just cntct me or leave a msg dlm blog ni...syukurlah dapat pergi ke sekolah lama setelah lebih 18 tahun meninggalkan sekolah bersejarah ni..
Dicatat oleh MOREPH @ MALAI LUWAI Label:


Dicatat oleh MOREPH @ MALAI LUWAI Label:
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